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Why Celebration for the Reformation?

So, today was the day… 31 October 1517, Martin Luther challenged the tyrannical religo-political system of the Catholic Church. As I considered why I celebrated the fact that God raised a man up like Luther, I thought of the far reaching effects of the reformation on everyday life and modern civilization… Ideas have consequences and…

Apologetics and the Rebuke of Sin

The other day I watched a clip called ‘Christians are delusional’, and I began to consider… I recently also watched Derren Brown, this guy on TV and saw how he attempted to discredit Christianity. However my fight is not with these. As I considered the possibility that I may be delusional I considered how one…

A Conservative Critique of Rob Bell’s ‘Velvet Elvis’

I would prefer someone to read the ‘book of shadows’ (Wiccan Bible) or the ‘Koran’ or listen to a Marylin Manson cd then read this book. Why? Well, at least those others let you know that they are bad, at least you know what you are in for, but this book, is so shneaky, so deceitful, it is way more evil (please don’t let that comment put you off from reading further).