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Great Departures From ‘Organised-Religion’

I felt compelled to write this the other day after a conversation I had with a fellow minister as recounted to me a T.V program about religion in South Africa, and the face of the Church in the country. I am certain that the trends experienced here by the so called ‘main line’ churches are…

A Conservative Critique of Rob Bell’s ‘Velvet Elvis’

I would prefer someone to read the ‘book of shadows’ (Wiccan Bible) or the ‘Koran’ or listen to a Marylin Manson cd then read this book. Why? Well, at least those others let you know that they are bad, at least you know what you are in for, but this book, is so shneaky, so deceitful, it is way more evil (please don’t let that comment put you off from reading further).