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The Approach of a Good Pastor

Pastors should be the most positive person in the room. I get that in part from 1 Peter 1:2 which says Pastors are to be “eager to serve.” By positive I don’t mean they steer away from difficult subjects, or they just encourage all the time. But rather, they have an optimistic outlook because they…

Book Review: Biblical Church Revitalization by Brian Croft

The rate of churches closing is unable to keep up with the rate of churches being planted in the West. Consider that reality. When churches close, a witness, a lampstand is removed from a community, leaving behind only darkness. Effort, sweat, toil, tears and sometimes blood brought that church into existence, and now where the…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Defining Masculinity

A SINGLE DEFINITION OF MASCULINITY A serious realist definition of masculinity would need to be more than a singular definition — it would need to be a single superstructure of concepts that explain the unity and diversity of male experience. The best definition of masculinity will maintain the ideal of the concept and still make…

Psychology and Theology: Part 1

At least three things cause tension between Theology and Psychology, today I want to explore two: 1) Psychology and subjectivity. Psychology[i] is a soft science. It is susceptible to philosophical influences because the target of its study is immaterial (the human mind). Even the most secular materialistic psychologists acknowledge that the object if there is…


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