Table Talk: Episode 09 – Biblical Discipleship

0:00:00 – Opening
0:03:14 – Introduction
0:06:25 – What is Discipleship?
0:09:20 – Thapelo and Sihle’s stories
0:22:09 – Celebs and Last Days Fam
0:23:25 – What is Discipleship Important
0:28:00 – Discipleship happens in the Church
0:37:00 – Biggest challenges for a church plant
0:51:00 – Difference between grace and salvation
0:55:30 – What is the Jezebel Spirit?
1:04:00 – Discipleship from afar
1:07:00 – Hold the line all the time
1:10:50 – How soon should discipleship take place after joining a church
1:14:00 – Binding and Loosing
1:19:00 – Sorrow about so many young men in prison
1:21:00 – Follow Paul as He follows Christ
1:23:30 – Discipleship account at the ranks
1:29:00 – Closing

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