Table Talk: Episode 04 – Missions

0:00:00 – Opening
0:01:12 – Introducing Tommy van der Walt
0:04:45 – Biblical Call and foundation of Missions
0:10:20 – Anti Missions sentiment
0:14:40 – Every Christian is on Mission
0:16:40 – Is it okay to evangelise on our own?
0:18:40 – “Go” or “make disciples” controlling the great commission
0:27:41 – What a missionary is and isn’t
0:36:38 – Qualifications for a missionary
0:42:41 – Is it okay to proclaim the gospel in and outside the house
0:48:33 – Can a woman be a missionary
0:52:30 – How to discern a call to missions
0:57:40 – Shouldn’t only mature Christians share their faith
1:01:00 – The letter kills but Spirit gives life expanded
1:02:35 – Why go through the local church and not a missions agency
1:06:50 – Blind, unemployed but want to go on mission
1:09:40 – Former Muslim who wants to go into evangelistic ministry
1:16:00 – Short-term missions
1:22:00 – How to be involved in missions short of going on missions
1:26:40 – Parachurch vs local church in missions
1:30:00 – Closing

Shows like this easily garner criticism, we live in an age when we are quick to complain but slow to commend. Having Table Talk on Radio Pulpit is partly based on how vocal support is for it. Could I please encourage you, while I love getting positive feedback, to also take a moment to message the station and voice your appreciation for the show. If you click here you will be taken to a link where you can drop a short message commending what you have heard, just say something along the lines of how you enjoy the show Table Talk on Friday mornings. To let me know, you can use the comment section below.


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