Faithfulness – a Poem by Mandla Gqada

This past Friday evening Heritage Baptist was privileged to present a Rap and Poetry evening. It was a wonderful time of artistic expression giving voice to orthodox theology. One of the poems that I particularly enjoyed is called ‘Faithfulness’.


Question – “Where shall faithfulness be found?”

Some think that they’ve heard its sound,

Intermingled with the Friday noon clanking of keys and chains against the doors of Muslim owned stores,

Others say that it is so high, that only the best ZCC dancers can reach it,

Many believe that it is too expensive, and only the most extravagant prosperity gospel pimps can afford to preach it,

When I was blind I thought I saw its sparkle, glistening between the seams of a tele-evangelist’s shiny fashion,

Yet many more claim to have finally found faithfulness firmly fixed in between the pages of their political party’s manifestos.

But I’ve come to learn that true faithfulness is not proportional to ones level of skin pigmentation

And the trustworthiness refuses to be classified along the line between the colonizer and the native,

Because both have had the shores of their hearts invaded,

By an intruder seething with hatred,

Determined to inflict more harm than Dutch sailors looking for refreshment.

Satan has settled in the hearts of all humanity,

Cultivated all kinds of sins in the arable soil of our souls and discovered gold mines of iniquities.

Faithfulness chooses neither the side of the foreigner nor the xenophobic,

Instead it declares that both are strangers to this world,

Waiting in the generational queue to the only border that truly matters.

Faithfulness bows down to neither the democratically elected president nor the dictator

Because both sit on borrowed thrones, and wield make-shift sceptres,

Their decrees are cast in hollow stones, and their most loyal supporters soon become their worst detractors.

Let us be warned and beware,

Faithfulness is not impressed with the external labels that we wear,

Guess, Gucci, Calvin Klein or Armani

Calvinist or Arminian,

Creationist of Darwinian,

Reformer or Papist

Faithulness is neither feminist nor sexist,

So it does not judge the pregnant teenager more harshly than her boyfriend,

They are both equally guilty of skipping school even though she missed more periods than she had intended.

There is none on earth in whom perfect faithfulness can be found!

But oh how faithful is the One who has promised us a better land to grab,

A city with foundations, whose designer and builder is God,

A city,

Where our spirits will be so high, there’ll be no business for Nyaope dealers,

A city,

Where our sisters will be just as grand as our mother’s mothers because no man can ever use, abuse of bruise them,

A city,

Where immuno-deficiency will be an oxymoron like medical-aid-for-glorified-bodies,

A city,

Where children will have no children to raise; instead they’ll be pregnant with gratitude and give birth to praise!

Faithful is the Christ who has promised us a better land to grab,

A city with foundations, whose designer and builder is God,



A Poem by Mandla Gqada

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