Owen’s ‘Mortification of Sin’ (Infograph)

Have you ever tried to read John Owen’s works? Its not easy, at least that is the mass consensus. He writes technically in Shakespearian English. I think this is what has put most people off. No doubt you have some desire to read the book for two reasons at least; firstly, books on Mortification are in short supply, and secondly, you have heard so many people raving about Owen and his works (he sin’t called the greatest theologian in the English language for nothing!).

These infographs have a two-fold purpose: I really hope that they inspire you to read Owen himself.My desire is that it whets your appetite to read the depth of Owen on the subject. Secondly, I hope it will be an aid to your reading of Owen. I have placed chapter numbers and headings throughout the infograph, so any time you get stuck with Owen’s reasoning, you can just refer here, alternatively you could read the infograph section for the chapter you are about to read, to get a feel of what to expect.

I started off hoping to have one pretty infograph, but sadly the tome that is “Mortification of Sin” cannot be reduced to just one infograph, thus I had to make three. In any event I hope you find it helpful.

Haag_VisualTheology_Mortification ofSin_Part1Haag_VisualTheology_Mortification ofSin_Part2Haag_VisualTheology_Mortification ofSin_Part3

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