The Gospel in South Africa #15: Apartheid and the Church (Infograph)

This is the fifteenth in a series of posts I am doing on pivotal moments for the Gospel in South African history. If you would like to read the first in this series click here

I have spent two weeks preparing today’s blog. After much writing and study I ended up with a document of some 3500 words and only half the story told. What was I to do? I generally dislike going over 1000 words on a blog and was already way over that limit.

An additional problem is the nature of this series of posts. With a series like this I’m trying to pick what I consider the most pivotal moments in the history of the Gospel in South Africa. When dealing with Apartheid, this task proved Herculean. Unlike the Reformation in Europe, it is hard to pin point exact events which are significant. Rather the entire tapestry of events and circumstances led to what I thing is a pivotal moment- a moment which lasted some 56 years, with a number of background issues deserving attention.

Furthermore, having struggled to survive the terrible presentation of South African history in my former High School, I did not want to bore my readers with long winded paragraphs of dates and names. It is difficult to form a gripping narrative about the diverse and varied issues surrounding today’s topic.

Hence the below infograph was born. I hope that it gives you the snippets you need to feel something of the direction and influence of the Church during the Apartheid era. To download a pdf. of this click here. Enjoy!


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