Book Review: Blood Work

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The Bible is a bloody book, and Christianity is a blood soaked faith. There is such an emphasis on blood because we live in a sin drenched world. “If the history of redemption is a story told in pictures, the blood of Christ is the paint with which that story is portrayed”[i].

The Scriptures teach that life is in the blood. It also teaches that the wages of sin is death. This is why our faith is so blood soaked. Blood represents life, and because of sin blood must be shed. This is why the blood of Jesus is such a central aspect of the Christian faith. All the sacrifices in the Old Testament were pointing in their bloody symbolism to a final bloody cross on a hill called Calvary.

In Blood Work, Pastor Anthony Carter simply describes how the blood of Christ accomplishes a full and final Salvation. He traces the theme of blood in scripture, explaining how blood is necessary for purchasing, propitiating, justifying, redeeming, cleansing, sanctifying, electing, freeing and so much more. Carter clearly demonstrates how virtually every benefit we enjoy as believers is secured through the blood of Christ.

If blood is so fundamental in God’s plan to save sinners, and since we all are sinners “It should not be surprising that as recipients of God’s gracious salvation through the person and work of Christ we preach, pray, and even sing of the wonderful power of the blood, as the popular hymn by William Cowper (“There Is a Foundation Filled with Blood”) demonstrates.”

Carter’s book is saturated with hymns and even some contemporary Christian rap that speak with joy and bitter-sweetness of Christ’s blood.

Why was there so much blood throughout the Old Testament? Millions of animals, so much war… what was it all doing there? It was preparing us for the work that Christ would do at Golgotha. The blood of the final perfect sacrifice does what the blood of bulls and goats could never do.

Blood Work is a simple and clear book that unwinds for us this sometimes confusing theme in Scripture. In a day and age when some mystically pray to bleed the blood on people and objects, this book is a wonderful light, showing what the blood of Christ actually does. It is a book that wont just leave you with greater understanding, but a deeper sense of worship as we sing for all eternity the praise of the lamb who was slain.

[i] Carter; Anthony (2013-03-19). Blood Work (p. 3). Reformation Trust Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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