This Week in Africa (07/11/2013)

– News relevant to Christians in Africa

Illegal Abortions Thrive in South Africa: Despite South Africa’s ‘progressive’ laws regarding abortion, many women are still having back street abortions.

Surprise: The African Church is Not very Charismatic: In light of John MacArthur’s recent conference ‘Strange Fire’, Christianity Today has done this piece demonstrating that despite what the West would be tempted to believe, Africa is not dominated by Charismatic and Pentecostal theology.

Africa: Harmful Practices Against Women and Girls Can Never Be Justified By Religion: Dealing with what I assume is a issue more in Northern Africa, this article by a UN expert speaks briefly to the issue of bridging women’s rights and religious freedom. It mentions the issue of forced marriage and conversion which I can only assume is the growth strategy of ‘the religion of peace’. Fascinating to consider in light of the fact the Calvin’s Geneva was also known as ‘Woman’s Paradise’ due to the fact that women were protected and looked after there.

Central Africa Republic: religious tinderbox: Once again the ‘religion of peace’ is the cause of suffering and fear in the Central Africa Republic. Persecuted and suffering people are getting restless though and there appears to be a growing desire for vengeance.

Sangoma burned to death in Khutsong: A sangoma suspected of working with a local gang was killed by vigilantes.

“Who can help trembling at those judgments of God by which He does in the hearts of even wicked men whatsoever He wills, at the same time rendering to them according to their deeds?”- Augustine

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