This Week in Africa (31/10/2013)

– News relevant to Christians in Africa

1. Zimbabwe Launches Religious Tourism Policy: The Zimbabwean government has apparently made a decision that religion is a good way to make money. Drawing people to visit their ‘Holy Shrines’ and famous ‘prophets’ is the new tactic for growing the economy. (Source dubious)

2. Church in Southern Africa Challenged to Care for the Environment: If you have ever wondered what liberal churches do since they don’t affirm the cores tenants of the faith, here is a little picture for you. The Anglican Church in Southern Africa has called on all Churches on the continent to get involved in the care for creation through worship. Dr Mash says that the church needs to be more ‘prophetic within the energy sector’.

3. Homosexuality: Anglican Bishops In Africa, Others Threaten To Pull Out of Church of England: Anglican Bishops in Africa are again standing for Biblical practise in the their churches over and against the tide of secularism and liberalism that has ravaged the Western Anglican Church.

4. Nigerian Church has Huge Expansion Plans in the U.S: The seeds of the extreme Charismania are coming home to roost, as a missionary enterprise from Nigeria that mixes Christianity with a little bit of African paganism hopes to grow in America


“In the time of the old covenant, the sabbath was highly revered.  Now under the gospel the sabbath has been recast, now viewed as the Lord’s resurrection day.  The sabbath formerly had pertained to the pedagogy and rudiments of the law.  When the great master himself came and fulfilled them all for us, all that had prefigured his coming was transformed.  The old sabbath was like a candle lit in the night before the rising and appearing of the sun.”

–         Athanasius

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