Surviving Zombieland! Part III: Survival 101

Zombies are dangerous, though they walk slow, every now and then they pop round a corner, or crawl through a small hole, their hand digs through the earth and grabs at your ankle. The point being, though zombies are dead, they are still capable of inflicting some serious damage; if you are not ready, you may end up being monster meat. But what does that look like in the real world?

All around us there are different types of zombielike unbelievers, some of them train for hours just to know how to bite you, take the Jehovah Witnesses for example, they spend hours preparing for that one conversation they want to have with you, comparatively, how much time do you spend preparing? Or what about the Muslim? His entire religion is predicated on the falsehood of Christianity; have you considered the Scriptures and how to bring them to bear on a Muslim?

What about the mere effects of living in a post-fallalyptic (that is fall and apocalyptic put together) world? Everything is dying and decaying around you, what then is the source of your life? What sustains you? In the zombie flicks it’s all buckets on the roof collecting rain water and baked beans from the tin (something reminiscent of the cowboy days), but in this real zombie world it’s about being plugged in to God’s Word (man shall not live by bread alone).

How do you do that, well by attending to the public preaching of God’s Word with an open ear and a heart that wants to learn, by spending private times in devotion, by speaking with others who are alive in Christ about the truths of God’s Word.

Believer if you have not ‘Worded up’ you are going to find yourself in many a tight and difficult spot in a world full of the walking dead. Let this be a reminder of the importance of these things for you, or perhaps let this be a firm exhortation to do what needs be done so that the resident evil does not overwhelm you.

Rule #2: Word up!

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