What’s on the Menu?

1. You’re Free To Stay Put: One of the things I am passionate about is sharing with others how their occupation is a way to bring God glory; that its not just pastors who’s vocation is holy. This is a helpful article on that line.

2. Why “Let Go and Let God” is a Bad Idea: For those of you not familiar with Keswich theology, this may be a helpful introduction, especially since so much of it has permeated our culture in a unhelpful way.

3. Union Station: One of the less talked about but so precious doctrines in Scripture is that of the believers union with Christ, this is a helpful reminder of the beauty of that doctrine

4. Militant makes death threat against David Letterman: a report by Reuters News on the recent activity of the ‘religion of peace’.

5. Tim Hawkins talks about Moms! You must watch and prepare to Laugh!!!

If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven,

I don’t want to go there –Martin Luther

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