Zeitgeist, Davinci, Judas Scrolls and the Hostile Mind!

Yesterday I was reflecting on the series of attacks against Christianity that have occurred lately, not from the ex5inside as with the ‘emergent heresy’ (you can define that however you want to… or can you?), but from the secular world. Things like the ‘Divinci Code’, ‘Epistle of Judas’ and the new ‘Zeitgeist’ dvd which is doing the rounds. I have had to face the reality of these things since my concern is not only to be aware of them for the protection of God’s flock, but also so that I myself am confident that I have a well though through defended/defendable belief, I noticed the terrible academic work done on these three things. Dan Brown is no historian, this he admits, people who are getting excited about the epistle of Judas are suddenly forgetting all methods of testing ancient documents and those who promulgate the ‘Zeitgeist’ film appear to have never read any of the ancient mythologies for themselves.

I wondered to myself, do these people realize that what they are doing is essentially lying? Or is it by accident? Perhaps the ‘Discovery channel’ is not aware of how ancient documents are tested, perhaps Dan Brown really has no idea of how the Cannon was formed and what happened at the Council of Nicaea, perhaps the Zeitgeist guys never read the sources of ancient mythology, maybe they just read extracts of articles made up by people with a hatred for Christianity. This may be the case, however, it may not be the case, maybe all or some of these people are purposefully trying to attack and destroy Christianity using lies and false or half-baked information.

Romans 1v18 speaks about how people ‘suppress the truth in unrighteousness’. Paul goes on in verse 21 and 22 to explains For even though they knew God, they did not 1honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools (NASB).”As I went about to study these three things which the world so quickly grasps, as if they themselves are revealed by God, I saw how mind blowingly inaccurate, unacademic and unfounded they all are. This article is not to explain how I came tofantasy-tower that conclusion on all three, scholars far smarter than I have already done this and it is beyond the scope of this blog. However, the question I ask is what motivated people to do this? My answer is the same as Paul’s, they want to suppress the truth in their unrighteousness. How I pray and so should all Christians, that these people are just mistaken and it is not an active desire to mis-lead that motivates them.

Christians must heed this warning and not make the same mistake, we are to be vigilant, prudent, and thoughtful, we should never attempt to discredit others based on false or half information, we must not be swung with every fad or new heresy that comes along like the people of the world are. This is one of the effects the doctrine of election has, it causes churches to have rigorous thought, and careful thinking (not the point of the doctrine, but a great effect).

I wrote this thought and present it, because I think Christians need to know what they are up against… People who will believe anything, so long as they don’t have to admit that there is a Lord, the man Jesus Christ, whom they should worship and obey.

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  1. Grant
    June 11, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    What I’ve noticed is the tendency of those who suppress the Truth in unrighteousness to come to the defence of each other. I think this is a way for them to justify their own suppression of Truth in unrighteousness. This, along with publications like The Da Vinci Code, The Gospel of Judas, and Zeitgeist show a massive hypocrisy in the world far more spectacular than anything they accuse the church of. Christians ought never to condone, much less cultivate, hypocrisy. To do such is sinful. What makes the hypocrisy of the world all the more outrageous is that they will perpetrate it, and then compound it by accusing the church of hypocrisy to find fault with the Gospel.

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