Apologetics and the Rebuke of Sin

The other day I watched a clip called ‘Christians are delusional’, and I began to consider… I recently also watched Derren Brown, this guy on TV and saw how he attempted to discredit Christianity. However my fight is not with these.

As I considered the possibility that I may be delusional I considered how one can know if one is delusional or not… As a Christian I consider the Muslims, Mormons, Hindus, Atheists, Wiccans, and any other religion you wish to throw in there, to be not so much delusional, but rather deceived (2 Tim 3:13)

If someone is deceived (or delusional if you prefer) then only by throwing down one of the pillars of their belief can the delusion/deception be revealed. For example if I want to prove to you that cookies are not made out of bricks, I would clearly demonstrate to you that bricks have not ability to make a cookie. So I asked myself, what are the pillars on which my faith stands… What could I offer someone as an option to disprove that would topple what I know to be reality?

I came up with the following:

1) Rationally explain away the need for a First Cause

2) Allow/cause/make nothing exist (this one is hard)

3) Show how, according to the normal laws of reading any document there are contradictions in the original manuscripts of the Holy Bible.

4) Explain the origin of the moral conscience without a moral law giver.

5) Prove that Christ never existed, and that he never rose again (this would require much re-interpretation of history.

Does my faith rest on these things? No. Yet it requires these things. Just like a TV does not need pictures on it for me to believe it exists, yet without pictures on the screen, if it could be proved that they don’t appear, I would stop believing in TV’s.

What does this all mean to me as a Christian, well… Apologetics is not merely a defense of the faith as it is written, or in a creed. But apologetics is a rebuke to me, it rebukes my sin, my sin is unbelief, I believe that the momentary sin will satisfy greater then Christ.

If I really believe all those facts, I know in my mind that Jesus is the Christ, that He is God incarnate, who died and rose, and whose resurrection power is available to keep me from sin (Ex 20:20; Jude 24), how then can I not fight sin with confidence? How can believers not act on their belief?

In a sense, all the knowledge that Christians have regarding the defence of their faith should be a motivation to fight sin, confident in Christ.

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