The Knowledge of God- Implanted in Every Person

I have been considering lately the idea of knowing God. And I would love to just throw out three things about knowing God, (1) Everybody has the knowledge that God exists, (2) Arguments given against God that claim the idea of God was just made up to control people actually gives proof to the fact that God exists, (3) That people who try to deny God’s existence or change who God is, as a way of removing all fear of God, only prove God’s existence and their knowledge of it.

(1) The first thing I noticed, is no matter where one goes, to whatever culture, tribe or people, everyone has the knowledge of God. All around the world from the hardened atheists to the farming natives, there is everywhere a fear of God. There are few people so backwards in thinking, and religiously anti-logical that they would deny His existence, even the man in an isolated tribe feels the desire to need and worship, so much so, that he will worship an idol made with his hands rather then not worship anything. In our western ‘civilized’ society, we worship ourselves, our dreams, our aspirations, we think man is the end of all things… Even then there is the invisible line that people will not cross, the line of human dignity, which for the atheist there is no basis, even though the Humanistic manifesto has this is its first point. Romans 1:18-20 tells us that everyone knows there is a God, but man became backwards in thinking, and mans heart was darkened.

(2) Some people in an attempt to disprove God say that the idea of religion was just made up to control people. I agree, that often people have added their own laws and made up rules, using religion to control masses (much like the Catholic Church in the ‘Dark Ages’ or Mohammed when he was preparing his attack on Mecca). However, this merely proves that everyone has the inherent knowledge and fear of God. Here in Africa, sometimes rebel warlords will use food to control people, they capture UN food supplies and force the people to starve or submit, no one has yet said that hunger was a tool made to control people… However, the fact the warlords can use food to control shows that the need for food and the very existence of food exists. In the same way, the fact that people have at times abused Christianity and religion to control others, only proves that the desire and fear of God exists universally.

(3) The contemporary move to post-modernism, and this your-truth-is-truth-to-you theory also proves this all the more, whether people make up gods that they are comfortable with, or all together try to deny His existence, it all the more proves He is there. You see, it is the universal fear of God, the fact that people know in their conscience that God will judge them, and that He is just, that forces them to either deny His existence, or to make up a god to suit themselves. Now, the skeptic may say, “Ah, but I can disprove your God”, the moment he does that he proves it… Tell me, how many papers have you read which argue against the existence of fairies and unicorns? None, well that is because it makes no difference to the atheist, but God, the One they know will judge them, although they don’t always feel this equally as strong, He, the need to rationalize away, they need to calm their conscience, so that when they live their life of selfishness, lust, lying, hate and blasphemy they can be at peace for a little while, Nietzsche and Dawkins are the opium of the atheist. This is why when so much as a leaf falls they fear that it may be the end.

God be gracious to those who do not know Him is a saving way, praise Him for Jesus Christ who brings freedom, freedom from sin and bondage, and not onkly a true fear but a love of God.

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