Why Read the Bible?/ Whats the Point of Having a Bible? (Part1)

Mind blowing…. I was chosen to do this!

I remember being really sick when I was a kid, I had allergies upon allergies, and probably spent less then half the time at school then most kids do in primary school. It was always scary having tests done, I never knew what the results would be- once I watch this movie called Lorenzo’s oil about this child who got a rare disease, eventually his parents found a cure- it’s a real amazing heart-breaking story- but after that, I thought maybe I have that. It was not a good time, however…. God used it.

Since I was not able to go around playing all day, I had to sit home, and often times I would read, most of my time was spent reading Christian books, and theology books, from my brother who was a pastor. I learnt so much then and grew such a love for God and Jesus Christ that grew out of my understanding…. And so I became passionate about understanding what God meant by what He said in the Bible.

I got very involved in a ministry with my next youngest brother, at this time I was exposed to Satanists and the occult, I leant how to share the gospel with these people, and have so many wonderful testimonies to the grace of God, as people we saved out of the darkest and most hopeless states.

Eventually the doctors found out what was wrong with me, at the end of my standard five year at school- all it took was like a month of medication and I have been fine since then, so fine, that I discovered a rather natural affinity for sports and did rather well in high school.

At the end of high school, I was deciding what to do, and to cut a long story short, God showed me how all my life had been prepared for the ministry (as opposed to Bio-kinetics and the army), my passion, my learning, and so my brother, who had the right connections, got me to into the Baptist Theological College and I started working as a Student pastor at a Baptist church in Johannesburg.

I was going to teach the Bible, I was going to spend time preparing the bread of God’s word to break and give to God’s people. I was excited.

Its been fifteen years now, fifteen years of a love for God and a passion for God’s Bible. Sometimes a very difficult book, but overall a clear and practical book. I find that most of the time when I struggle to understand what the Bible is saying, it is because I am not reading it. You know what that’s like, when you are busy studying for a big biology test and you are just reading over the work trying to feel like you are studying, then you get to the end of the page and you don’t know a thing about what you just read, except maybe ‘flagellum’. Chances are if you are finding it difficult to read, you are not reading. At least that’s what I found.

I don’t like calling it a book, it’s so much more.

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  1. Jacques
    June 27, 2008 at 2:01 am

    “…flagellum”! I larfed my friend – I larfed. It was worth the read just for that!

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