Is Doctrine that Important/ The Distaste of Doctrine (Part 6)


The point of all of this, is our delight! That is what most glorifies God, when we delight in Him… not in a mystery, or not knowing Him. God’s glory and our delight and happiness are not two opposing things. We are commanded to rejoice in the Lord always, and in case you missed it, again I say rejoice (Phil2). Obeying God’s commands is the most enjoyable thing to do…. Not the easiest, but the most joyful.

This became so clear from me recently when I read Genesis 29:20, listen to this:

“So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.”

Wow! Sometimes obeying God seems like its seven years work in one moment, but because of the love I have for God, its nothing to me. This is why John says, if you love God you will obey His commands.

Why do we not have to be anxious? Because God is near!

Which God is near? The capable God of the Holy Bible, who is faithful and loving and just and powerful… the God who would part an ocean for His own, the God who works all things (even the horrible, terrible, evil things) for our good and His glory. The God who works in the real world, not in my imagination and hopeful wishes.

When I build a model boat, or watch gymnastics at the Olympics, or watch a jet scream past, or hear inspiring music, I stop and think… what an amazing God! Who makes all these things, and shows Himself to me in His Word.

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